ARM TechCon, October 24-26, 2017 – Santa Clara (CA)

ARM TechCon, October 24-26, 2017 – Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara (CA) – Booth #621

Magillem, as a member of the world’s leading Arm ecosystem, exhibits at Arm TechCon 2017,in Santa Clara Convention Center (CA), in October, 24-26

Magillem is fully aligned with the Arm TechCon program. This year, the focus is on how the technology sector can grapple with new paradigms in scaling and securing IoT technologies and enable artificial intelligence through machine learning and computer vision, across the computing spectrum.

“At Arm TechCon, we will not only engage in a dialogue on addressing trust and privacy, but also identify actionable next steps toward rethinking both hardware and software design approaches and promoting a human-centered ethos in our industry.”

On booth#621, our experts will show you how Magillem helps vendors specify, size and verify their microelectronics-assisted systems by providing a virtual platform that enables to build and simulate all the interactions, from specification to firmware generation. You will learn about how this virtualization technology enables you to run embedded software on the target hardware by taking into account the complete ecosystem, including third-party applications, which can hardly be achieved with a traditional system of boards, or high-level analytic models. Applications are “IoT-ready”.
With a modular way of modeling electronic devices, which features a hierarchical assembly of sub-models and therefore facilitates assets reuse, Magillem X-Spec®, based on System and SystemC-AMS, provides the first and only commercial Virtual Prototyping solution natively based on IP-XACT, hence guarantying a reusable and vendor neutral flow.

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