Embracing Architectural Intent

Embracing Architectural Intent

News from Semiwiki.com – April 10th, 2018

During DVCon 2018 in San Jose, one topic widely covered was the necessity of describing and capturing intent. Defining our design intent up-front is crucial to the overall success of a design implementation. It is not limited to applying a process level intent, such as the use of verification intent with embedded assertions in code or optimization intents through the use of constraints capture in SDC or UPF, but also it is to be done at the architectural level. With the shift-left trend being touted at many design forums, to have an architectural intent should reduce the chance of ambiguity and potential failures.
Magillem has been an EDA platform provider for configuring, integrating and verifying IPs. Its product called Magillem Platform Design Solution is comprised of four stages: specification, design, documentation and data analytics. The following table captures all the stages and its adjoining product solutions.
In current design environment, system architects are prone to be disconnected from the design teams as facilities used to capture the architectural intent are not integrated into the overall flow. For example, a hardware system description is pushed down to the design team to be recaptured through a logical implementation that involved changes which do not get fed back to the architect. This usually occurs as the system abstraction involved basic drawings without any semantic value of the elements…

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