France – Japan Innovation Year

France – Japan Innovation Year

Press release, French Embassy in Tokyo (Japan)

France-Japan-Innovation-YeaNext June 21st takes place, within the French Embassy in Tokyo (Japan), a business seminary, in partnership with Business France, the national agency which promotes the internationalization of the French economy, presenting innovative solutions to the companies of electronics and embedded systems, by Magillem, a leading provider of complex design flow and content management software solutions.

Based on XML, Magillem provides a consistent data and design flows management through a hub of links. Magillem’s integrated development environment solves the challenge of maintaining consistency between various representations of a system, by linking them. This concerns data specification, design hardware to embedded softwares, up to the technical documentation.

The race against time

The time between the decision to design a new product and its availability on the market has considerably reduced. The shelf life of a product becomes also shorter. All leading companies must act fast, very fast, if they want to stay competitive and successful. To save time and investment, they must also be able to count on their experiences by giving the highest possible value to their contents.
Magillem, innovative company at the forefront of the French high technology, is specialized in softwares publishing, dedicated to the management and to the optimization of contents. Preserve, organize, update, analyze to highlight the contents.

Back to basics

Originally, Magillem developed Magillem Content Platform (MCP), a collaborative platform offering the opportunity to maximize the re-use of the knowledge aimed at the actors of semiconductors, who produce impressive quantities of data to design a single chip. From now on, Magillem became the expert in solutions of organization of the very complex information with considerable financial stakes. Its technology based on XML allows the integration of the specification, design and documentation in a single process. A demonstration of MCP during the seminar will seduce undoubtedly all the present guests.
By developing its offer and adapting to different business configurations, Magillem has extended its activity in the industry sector with Thales, Bosch or Siemens and the legal world with specialized Editions Dalloz and LexisNexis.

Magillem Content Publisher (MCP): Ensuring coherency, integrity and quality of design related content

picto_MCPKeeping datasheet in synch with design database is what design and documentation teams both dream of. And MCP makes it a reality : Customers can define “publication plans” for their various datasheets. Design data are stored in an xml IEEE 1685 database. They are linked to their description (word, etc …). When a datasheet , formatted according to the company publishing rules, is generated, the description will automatically be included at the right place in the datasheet, according to the template.

Configurability of doc versus design. In MCP the possibility to access the system view of design data (via Magillem EDA platform) avoids duplication of design configuration in the document database. This ensures perfect alignment between design and doc. On top of design configuration, various tools are available : a layer of documentation configuration, a wrapper to handle the management of multiple languages, multiple configuration appendix.

Collaborating on a Design Review: MCP can be used for collaborative review by technical writers and design engineers.

WysiWyG tools like Word are integrated in the MCP environment, allowing rapid ramp up for documentation teams. Exchanges are smooth, thanks to the integration of design data and related content: coherency and accuracy are guaranteed at any time. Status of the review process for each item is visible and filters can help reviewers to focus on specific topics.
MCP will be demonstrated with a typical customer use case : the goal of bridging the gap between design and documentation has been reached, at last!

Resolutely innovative

Today, products have new capacities. There are already more embedded systems, industrial equipment, instruments sensors, meters, cameras, and other items connected to the Internet than people connected to the Internet with their computers or smartphones. To the pre-existent data of companies are going to be added those of the smart objects who will generate in real time an unprecedented volume.

The challenge is to integrate them with existing knowledge to provide precious and precise information for companies in minimal time.

To the management optimized by contents adds the absolute necessity to ensure complete traceability and flawless throughout the entire process. This follow-up, from the specification to the documentation, became essential.

The Magillem Link Tracer module ( MLT ), presented at the seminar, provides system engineers, who face increasing challenges in the design of embedded systems, a traceability management of functional and extra-functional properties (such as temperature, energy consumption, security… ).

The ambition of Magillem is to be a leader in supplying a complete platform of definition, modelling and integration of system, specification / description in the implementation / validation.

Magillem Link Tracer (MLT): Full Traceability in the front end design flow!

MLTMagillem will also demonstrate Magillem Link Tracer (MLT), MLT is an exclusive new module that focusses on data traceability, from specification to design to documentation.
Magillem Link Tracer (MLT) offers to Magillem users a solution to create, edit and manage interdependencies between the various and heterogeneous system data and properties that are crucial to trace in a design flow.
Documents from system requirements, system models, specification, subsystem metamodels, executable models, test plans, test requirements, scoreboard, and so on…, are interconnected in a non-intrusive way, thanks to MLT.
Tracing interdependencies consisting of dynamic typed links between the content of data and documents, opens a new perspective on traceability in EDA.

Managing consistency of system information as a whole, as well as imbrications between the diversity of files composing the design environment is key.

Now, for functional and extra-funtional properties in embedded system designs, Magillem Link Tracer:

manages and controls adherence of information between documents and elements involved in design and validation of systems (specification, modeling, implementation, simulation, validation)
increases the efficiency of inter-team communication and collaboration
improves the performances and characteristics of the resulting designed system
reduces verification and validation effort of iterative modifications

« MLT offers unique capabilities thanks to its understanding of the design data semantics. » says Vincent THIBAUT, VP Strategic Customers, « Thanks to many years spent on the deployment of the state-of-the-art SOC design methodology Magillem is leveraging its knowhow to promote a truly innovative traceability solution for a design flow from Specification to Documentation as well as for certification. »

During the seminar, we will demonstrate MLT capabilities and features on a design case:

Create links between multiple resources: Requirements, Spec, Design data, Documentation
Compute impact of change of one of the resources to the others
Display those impact and propose different consolidation strategies
Propagate modification of content when required.

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