Magillem IP-XACT seminar in Japan

Magillem IP-XACT seminar in Japan

Magillem is hosting an IP-XACT seminar to JEITA, semiconductor & System design technical committee, on May 18, 2018 at the Toshiba office in Kawasaki (Japan).

Since Magillem represents the leading edge of IP-XACT based design assembly and support, the company is in the best position to propose an IP-XACT seminar to JEITA, the Semiconductor Standardization Committee. The most prominent members of the Japanese industry will assist to this session.

During this seminar, Koji Nakamura, Field Application Engineer in Magillem, will introduce the history and key concepts of IP-XACT, will explain how to read and navigate in the IP-XACT specification/schema, and will develop the main IP-XACT constructs. The seminar’s topics will talk also about IP-XACT in depth: the protocol description (bus definition and abstraction definition), the component schema, the design and the design configuration, and last but not least the API (TGI). A demo will be showed at the end of the presentation.
IP-XACT (standardized as IEEE 1685) is an XML format that provides a common specification mechanism to ensure delivery of compatible IP descriptions from multiple IP vendors, to better enable importing and exporting complex IP to/from/between EDA tools, to express configurable IP using IP meta-data, and to better enable provision of EDA vendor-neutral IP creation and configuration scripts.
At this present time, this IP-XACT seminar is complete. If you want to know more about IP-XACT, we may advice you on it: please send us an email at
We also offer standarded or customized training programs around IP-XACT: click here to know more.

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