MAGILLEM presents its lastest Virtual Prototypes for all, in SystemC Japan

MAGILLEM presents its lastest Virtual Prototypes for all, in SystemC Japan

June 17th 2016, Shin-Yokohama (Japan)


SystemC Japan is the annual event in Japan focused around the use of SystemC. This year, Magillem, the leading provider of EDA tools based on IP-XACT, expands its product portfolio with the X-Spec® tool to support Multi Domain Virtual Prototypes (MDVP) based on SystemC and SystemC-AMS.

Thanks to Magillem’s innovative technology enabling the integration of specification, design and documentation into a unique process, X-Spec® can also guaranty the consistency of systems based on heteronegous Multi Domain IP expressed in various forms and formats.

Magillem’s X-Spec® EDA tool suite democratizes the Virtual Prototyping by providing an simple and straightforward flow from specification to execution based on open standards. It brings the Virtual Prototypes in the hands of the next generation of engineers that develop systems that cross multiple domains.

With Magillem X-Spec®, you just execute your specs in a few clicks, enabling the creation, integration, validation, configuration, reuse, versioning, execution and sharing of your Multi-Domain Virtual Prototypes.

Come and see our Magillem’s X-Spec presentation from 10 :30 to 10 :50 and our use case Multi Domain Virtual Prototyping (MDVP) with ST Microelectronics, from 10 :50 to 11 :30.

You will see how, thanks to the use of Magillem X-Spec® tool, ST Microelectronics was able to quickly build and execute a MDVP of a Motion Detection system by expressing the interactions between the embedded Software, the digital Hardware, the multi-physics analog sub-systems and its physical environment.

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