Navigating from Architecture to RTL Signoff in Today’s SoC

Magillem will present at the Real Intent seminar on “Navigating from Architecture to RTL Signoff in Today’s SoC”, organized on 18th of April, 2017

Hilton San Diego / Del Mar Hotel, Del Mar CA.

With growing SoC complexity, design challenges are mounting starting from architecture level all the way to RTL signoff. Challenges include, but are not limited to, IP-reuse, embedded software, chip-killer CDC bugs, Multi-mode chip operations, unsafe reset practices, X-propagation to name a few.

The seminar will introduce structured methodology to solve the challenge of maintaining consistency between various representations of a system, by single sourcing the data from the architecture specification. The seminar will then illustrate challenges in chip level CDC signoff in single mode as well as multi-mode, reset domain crossing and X-propagation that can lead to silicon functional failures.

This seminar will illustrate various problems through design examples and show how you can deploy effective strategies to guarantee RTL signoff correctness.


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