New Release: Magillem 5.2018.4

New Release: Magillem 5.2018.4

« In addition to several bug fixes on APIs, GUI, importers, RTL netlisters, and register generators, this release provides multiple enhancements for VHDL/SystemC ports defined with specific types, to facilitate their creation, edition, and export to one or multiple upper hierarchical levels.
New features have also been introduced to help copy/paste ports and create mirrored IP interfaces in GUI: new IP interface can easily be created and connections started already, even if the real IP is not yet available, which brings enhanced productivity and flexibility.”

“This new version of MAI introduce a set of usage improvement for the architect editor like improved selection management, auto place and routing. The architect editor display customization is enhanced by offering more object configuration (position, colors,…). Two new features are introduced in this version. The capability to generate a TCL script capturing all the display settings (positions, color, filters,…) and the comparison between an SW Intent and its HW Intent refinement.”
“The major change in this release is the improved support of the SCML library, mainly in the SystemC code generator for leaf components (sccodegen) and the SystemC build (including the generation of Netlists and Makefiles) for platform designs.”

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