Struggling to keep your documentation updated?

Struggling to keep your documentation updated?

Author: Vincent Thibaut, Chief Strategy Officer @ Magillem ● Email: ● LinkedIn: click here

Save time by reusing your IP-XACT design content and streamlining your documentation production with MCP.

Delivering an IP, SOC (FPGA or ASIC), Board or System, isn’t only about delivering the final product, whether it’s virtual -like RTL, Virtual Models, Software…- or a physical device.
The associated documentation has always been a crucial part of this delivery. As the product complexity increases, so does the importance of the associated documentation.

Unfortunately, this documentation usually faces two major issues: out-of-date information and inconsistency between datasheet look and feel.

We all know the look on the face of this engineer navigating through hundreds of pages of documentation to find why the behavior of the system doesn’t match his expectation. “Did I find the proper information? Why is it not located where I expect to find it? Is the documentation wrong? Did I miss a configuration somewhere?”. So many hours spent, so many frustrations. “Why? But why?”
Why, indeed, are we struggling to find what we’re looking for? Why can’t we be sure the information we find is accurate? So many doubts.

It shouldn’t be that way. Not with today’s software and automation capabilities. The bulk of the problem lies in how we produce documentation: it is mostly a manual process…

  • Why is information not correct in the datasheet?
  • Why are datasheets of the same company not always following the same template?
  • Is there a solution?
  • Regarding the issue of information correctness…
  • Regarding the document look and style issue…
  • Going Further!
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